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The Reemployment Program helps connect Nebraskans to job opportunities through one-on-one assistance. Job seekers who receive unemployment benefits are required to enroll in the program to remain eligible for benefits. Individuals who are not claiming unemployment benefits can also enroll in this program as they search for new career opportunities.

The reemployment plan includes:

  • Career Interest Assessment: Nebraska Career Connections assessments are used to provide career guidance and direction. The assessment covers career interests, skills confidence, and work values. Assessment results are reviewed with individuals to ensure accuracy and identify areas of knowledge, skills, and abilities that can leveraged as a productive member of the workforce.
  • Individualized Plans: Consult with a Reemployment Coach to create an employment plan to identify goals, objectives and determine the appropriate combination of services to help individuals reach their employment goals and understand career path options.
  • Data-Driven Opportunities: Our staff use labor market information in conjunction with assessments and previous work experience to determine options and opportunities that exist in the current job market.

The first step to enroll in the reemployment program is creating an account on the state’s employment website, NEworks. This account will allow you access to employment tools and resources, such as:

  • A resume builder: An interactive template designed to help organize work experience and relevant information to be organized in a cohesive resume.
  • Cover letter assistance: A tool to help you create an impactful cover letter through a memorable introduction, relevant work examples and concise conclusion.
  • The messaging center: This feature allows you to easily communicate with employers and workforce staff.
  • Virtual Online Recruiter: Set up customized job searches and alerts to notify you of new opportunities as they arise.
  • Labor market information: Wages and earnings data, occupational projections, business staffing patterns, career planning information, and labor force demographics.

For more information on the reemployment program, contact a job center near you,