Worker Training Grants

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In accordance with Nebraska Revised Statutes § 48-622.02 and 48-622.03, the Nebraska Worker Training and Support Cash Fund may be used to provide training opportunities that:

  • expand the Nebraska workforce by increasing the pool of highly skilled workers in Nebraska;
  • support public and private job training programs designed to train, retrain, or upgrade work skills of existing Nebraska workers of for-profit and not-for-profit businesses;
  • recruit workers to Nebraska; and
  • train new employees of expanding Nebraska businesses.

Employers, labor organizations, or other entities providing an apprenticeship training program may apply for a worker training grant.

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Worker Training Board Meeting Schedule

The Worker Training Board has set its tentative schedule for 2024.

Applications Deadline 9/30/23; The Board will meet 10/24/23.

Applications Deadline 12/31/23; The Board will meet 1/23/24.

Applications Deadline 3/31/24; The Board will meet 04/23/24.

Applications Deadline 6/30/24; The Board will meet 7/23/24.

Applications Deadline 9/30/24; The Board will meet 10/22/24.

Nebraska Worker Training Board Membership

Grant Application Tips

This program is designed to support the retraining and upgrading of existing workers, currently employed in, or being trained for, high quality, long-term jobs that enhance business productivity.

  • Complete grant application fully. Do not leave any areas blank.
  • Use additional pages, if necessary
  • Who you are - Name of your business.
  • What you want to do? Name of your project.
  • How much funding are you requesting for your project?
  • How much matching funding will you provide as an employer? (Wages paid during training, space rental, equipment provided by your firm, project-oversight team member salaries or other cash contributions offsetting funds requested for your training project may be considered as an in-kind contribution, and included in matching funds).
  • Please provide a budget. Breakdown how funds requested will be spent. Detail your in-kind matching contribution.
  • What is the project proposed? Describe the project.
  • Describe why the training is needed. Will you be doing the training anyway?
  • Please provide a step-by-step approach showing how the training will be conducted. Who is the training provider? Are they certified, accredited, licensed, credentialed?
  • What goals will your business accomplish with the training project?
  • What will be measurable outcomes that can be placed in our Annual Report?

Other considerations:

  • Grants are directed to paying tuition and fees, preferably to established, certified, accredited, licensed Nebraska Training Providers.
  • The program is intended to add to, not replace, training dollars equal to what you spent last year, and the year before (two-year average).
  • The program will not reimburse: past training costs incurred prior to application, mandatory or required training, constructing buildings, purchasing equipment or paying your salary or employees' wages or salaries.
  • Instructional materials purchased for the training project are considered public property and must remain publicly accessible.


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