The Nebraska Contractor Registration Act requires contractors and subcontractors doing business in Nebraska to register with the Nebraska Department of Labor.

All contractors with 1 or more employees must provide a current Workers’ Compensation Certificate of Insurance with the Department of Labor listed as the certificate holder. Each contractor is responsible for making sure an updated certificate of insurance is on file with the Department of Labor. Any contractor whose records indicate their coverage has expired will be removed from the list of registered contractors until an updated certificate is received.


Who is a contractor?

A contractor is any person who engages in the business of construction and includes subcontractors, general contractors, and any other person arranging for the performance of work on real property.

Are you an employee or subcontractor?

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What Qualifies as Construction?

Construction means work on real property and annexations, including new work, additions, alterations, reconstruction, installations, and repairs on real property that may be performed at one or more different sites but does not include the construction of water wells or installation of septic systems.

What is the Registration Fee?

There is a $40.00 annual registration fee.

Who is Required to Register?

All contractors doing business in Nebraska must register with the Nebraska Department of Labor. Any contractor doing business under more than one name must obtain a separate registration for each business name.

What is a Registered Agent?

A Registered Agent is a person or entity designed to receive official notifications, notices of law suits, important tax and other legal documents on behalf of a business entity. The Registered Agent must be located and available at a legal address within the specified jurisdication at all times. If you are running your own small business, you can be your own Registered Agent. If one or more individuals are running a business together, one person is usually designated as the Registered Agent.

How Does a Contractor Register?

To start the application, click Here (Secured Site)

Who is Exempt from Registering?

A person who performs work or has work performed on the person's own property is not a contractor under this act. A person who earns less than five thousand dollars annually or who performs work or has work performed on his or her own property is not a contractor.

Who is Exempt from the Registration Fee?

A person who is self-employed (must be a sole-proprietorship) and does not pay more than three thousand dollars annually to employ others in the business. Affidavit for Fee Exemption - Secured Site

How does a Contractor Renew?

When you receive a renewal letter from the Department of Labor, you will enter your Registration Number and Voucher Number in the link below: Renew Contractor Registration - Secured Site

How does a Contractor Change their Contractor Option?

You will need your Registration Number and fill out the form below. Change Contractor Option - Secured Site

How does a Contractor File a New Project Permit?

This if For Non-Resident Contractors Only on projects of $10,000.00 or more. You will need your Registration Number and fill out the form below. File a New Project Permit - Secured Site

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