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Nebraska's Boiler Inspection Act, Sections 48-701 through 48-743 requires that all boilers, (such as pool heaters, hot water heating units, hot water supply units, steam heating and supply units, process steam units) be inspected at least once every twelve months to determine if the boilers are safe and in satisfactory operating condition and properly constructed and maintained for the purpose for which the boiler is to be used. Unfired pressure vessels and hot water heaters shall be inspected externally every two years.

The State of Nebraska requires that all jurisdictional objects installed in the state are to be constructed to the requirements of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and further requires that such items are to be registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors (The National Board).

Upon completion of the boiler or pressure vessel inspection, completion of any required corrective actions and receipt of the certificate fees, the owner or user or the boiler or pressure vessel will be issued a certificate of inspection. The certificate must be posted in close proximity to the boiler.

The Chief Boiler Inspector maintains an accurate record of the name of the owner or user of any boiler or pressure vessel subject to the Boiler Inspection Act, as well as a full description of the equipment including type, dimensions, age, condition, amount of pressure allowed, and the date of the last inspection. If the boiler or pressure vessel is sold, removed, scrapped, placed out of service, or ownership of the facility where the object is located changes, the owner shall notify the Chief Boiler Inspector.

To fill out and submit a Boiler and Pressure Vessel Installation Notice Form, click here

The Nebraska Boiler Inspection Act does not apply to boilers on railway locomotives subject to federal inspection, boilers under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Government, or boilers used exclusively for agricultural purposes. For other exclusions, please review Section 48-726 of the Boiler Inspection Act.

Before any boiler or pressure vessel required to be inspected by the Act is installed, a ten-day written notice of installation must be submitted to the State Boiler Inspector. The notice must include the location of the installation, type and capacity of the boiler or pressure vessel, intended use, name of manufacturer, and whether the boiler or pressure vessel is new or used. The Installation Notice Form shall be filled out and submitted by clicking on the link above. In addition to filing the Installation Notice for each unit, installers shall also submit copies of the ASME Manufacturer's Data Reports, and shall also fill out and submit an ASME CSD-1 Report or NFPA-85 Report for each boiler to be installed. Water heaters that bear the ASME "HLW" Stamp do not require an ASME CSD-1 Report to be filled out and submitted, but an ASME Manufacturer's Data Report is required.

The state boiler inspector investigates any boiler or pressure vessel accident in the state to determine the cause of the accident, the loss of life, injuries sustained, estimated loss of property if any, and any other such data that may be of benefit in preventing a similar incident. Reports are submitted to the Commissioner of Labor.

Inspection fees may vary depending on the size of equipment being inspected. Please contact Boiler Program staff for specific fees.

To obtain more information regarding State Boiler Inspection Program, please contact the Boiler Inspection Program at: (402) 471-9902, via fax at (402) 471-5039, or via email at
    Nebraska Department of Labor - Boiler Inspections
    550 S. 16th St.
    P.O. Box 94600
    Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-6400

To review a copy of the Boiler Inspection Act, click here.

To review a copy of the Boiler Regulation, Nebraska Administrative Code, Title 229, click here.

2012 Boiler Inspectors Meeting Presentation
Nebraska Boiler Inspection Violation Codes and Descriptions
CSD-1 Nebraska

The Boiler Inspection Program is striving to make itself as green as possible by reducing the amount of paper it consumes, and reducing or eliminating the printing and mailing of most of its forms and records. The elimination of printing and mailing not only reduces the need for paper products, but also reduces the carbon footprint created as the mail is carried to its destination by trucks, cars and other fuel consuming vehicles. We would like your help in this effort. Please choose to contact the Boiler Inspection Program through electronic means whenever possible. Use fax as a second choice and regular mail as a last resort. This webpage contains several hyperlinks to forms, and email addresses that can be used to contact the staff, submit inspection requests, submit installation notices, and to request information. Please use these, and please feel free to let us know what we can do to make your interactions with us more user friendly and helpful.


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