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Registered Apprenticeship Awareness Week

The week of October 4 - 10, 2009 has been proclaimed as Registered Apprenticeship Awareness Week.

To read the whole Proclaimation, click here.

Nebraska Workforce Development/ IBEW #22 Partnership in Omaha

Nebraska Workforce Development in Omaha began a partnership with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local No. 22 in March of 2009. The Omaha Career Center screens job seekers for specific qualifications and has developed a list of interested candidates to call upon when Local 22 contacts the Center to send candidates to them for a job assignment. There are three different types of work an interested candidate can sign up for - these are Electrical Worker [Commercial], Residential Installer and Low Voltage Cabler. The general duties for each are material handling, clean-up, and assisting Journeyman Electricians or Tel/Data Technicians on the job site. Workers can gain entry into the IBEW Apprenticeship Program in this manner. To date, the Omaha Career Center has placed 37 workers with IBEW Local 22.

Steamfitters and Plumbers Local 464 and Omaha, Lincoln and Grand Island Career Centers Collaborative Effort

When members of the Steamfitters Union and representatives of Nebraska Workforce Development met in January 2009, amidst the discussion regarding similar needs and interests, a pilot project was proposed that combined the recruiting efforts of the Steamfitters and Plumber's Union with the services available through the Nebraska Workforce Development One Stop Career Centers.

The Steamfitters and Plumbers Union wanted to reach a broader field of prospective applicants for the Registered Apprenticeship Program. Ads were placed in the Omaha, Lincoln and Grand Island newspapers with instructions to apply at the local Career Center. The Career Centers provided applications and conducted the math assessment developed by the Union for those who met the initial qualifications. Over 300 applications were received in the three Career Centers, and 143 interviews were conducted by the Union. 13 candidates were eventually chosen for the apprenticeship positions – 12 people in Omaha and 1 person in Lincoln.

Close collaboration between Mark McColley, Norm Tworek and Karen Mroczek from the Steamfitter’s and Plumber’s Union Local 464 and Steve Richman, Mike Eastman, Peggy Kotschwar, Mike Pabian, Randy Kissinger and all Career Center staff made the effort a success, and plans are in place to conduct a similar event in 2010.

The Columbus Career Center in partnership with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers from Omaha:

In May 2009, the Columbus Career Center started a partnership with IBEW out of Omaha. The IBEW representative is Brad Doyle. The Columbus Career Center is responsible for getting Electrical Workers assigned and ready to report for work on a regular basis. Generally, the Center has a 24-48 hour notice from Mr. Doyle that he needs 1-5 workers to report for work on a certain day and time. Each Electrical worker has to meet certain criteria before they can report to work.

The Career Center takes pre-apps on those who are recruited and are interested, creating a pool of applicants to draw from when a call is received from Mr. Doyle. To date, we have taken over 90 pre-apps and placed 30 Electrical workers with IBEW. All of these Electrical workers have the opportunity to apply for the registered electrical apprenticeship program.

Jan Schlueter from the Columbus Career Center staff has done an outstanding job in working with Mr. Doyle and meeting his expectations. It has been a very good partnership and dozens of workers are being given the opportunity for a high wage, high tech, high demand career.

President Obama Challenges All Americans to Obtain the Skills and Education Needed to Succeed in Today's Economy!

Obama lists Registered Apprenticeship as a critical education and training option

In recent remarks regarding the efforts underway through the Recovery Act to help stimulate the economy, President Obama again stressed the need for all Americans to seek additional education and/or training for 21 st Century careers.

“Right now, someone who doesn't have a college degree is more than twice as likely to be unemployed as someone who does,” said Obama. “And so many of the Americans who have lost their jobs can't find new ones because they simply don't have the skills and the training they need for the jobs they want. In a 21st century economy, where the most valuable skill you can sell is your knowledge, education is the single best bet we can make, not just for our individual success, but for the success of the nation as a whole.”

During the remarks the President again highlighted Registered Apprenticeship as a critical education and training option:

“And to that end, I have asked once again every American to commit to at least one year or more of higher education or career training. It can be community college or a four-year school; vocational training or an apprenticeship.”

The president also announced the launch of Opportunity.gov, a joint Department of Labor and Department of Education Web site, aimed at helping unemployed workers find out more on the training programs and financial support available to them through Recovery Act and other efforts aimed at assisting dislocated workers.

For more information please click here.

Secretary Solis Discusses Unemployment & Highlights Role of Apprenticeship in Training for Growing Industries

On Friday, May 8th Secretary Solis was featured on CNN Newsroom to discuss the latest Unemployment Report. During her interview with CNN’s Betty Nguyen the Secretary discussed the latest jobs report, the economy and job opportunities in emerging industries. While job losses remain high in certain sectors, Secretary Solis was optimistic about the Department’s ongoing job training efforts (grant opportunities discussed below) in growing industries, including green technologies, IT and Health Care.

The Secretary also highlighted Registered Apprenticeship, encouraging people to, "…start investigating what kinds of programs are out there at the community college, vocational schools and also apprenticeship programs."

To see the Secretary's full interview, click here.

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